Title Insurance Companies and Security

Security is Essential

In this day and age having your information stolen is just “part of the landscape”. We take extra measures to provide unprecedented title company security. Recently on the news “data breaches” are everywhere from local major retailers, Facebook, and even title insurance companies. These are all companies that we have trusted with our personal information in an age where we just click a button or wave a card to pay for our products or services. Data breaches affect all of us and consequently, we wonder just how secure is our information?

How Title Insurance Companies Have Been Affected

Title insurance companies wire millions of dollars daily, because of this reason we are targeted by thieves. Subsequently, we receive daily emails from our affiliated business partners warning of such crimes, therefore keeping the industry as a whole aware.  Recently, hijacked wiring instructions caused a first time home buyer to wire their life savings to a scammer in another country.

Why The Problem is Real

Title insurance companies have a unique problem, most noteworthy, we receive instructions from many different institutions.  Mortgage lenders, real estate agents, loan processors, lawyers and even sellers provide us with wiring instruction and as a result, security must be a top priority.  Real estate agents are especially a target for these email scams, because they usually have all the details related to a transaction.  Consequently, once the criminal gains access to a real estate agents email with the intention of intercepting money, they turn their focus on the title company.

“Just recently, we received an email containing wiring instructions for the sellers proceeds from a sale. Due to our company policy, we spotted the fraudulent wiring instructions, therefore wasting the criminal’s time.  Above all we were able to turn our security protocols and records over to the authorities.”  – Susan Nadler, Founder and Registered Title Agent

How We Are Different

The lack of security in title companies and law firms was a major concern for our founder. She noticed that you could walk in to a title company or law firm and they had piles of client information just laying on a desk. Providing unmatched client security is a top priority for her from the launch of this company. First of all, she met with several vendors and subsequently decided a partnership with E-Closing would satisfy her desire to bring top level software security. That being the case, Susan implemented strict company policies, and finally was able to offer an online solution with top tier security to her clients. Now that she completed client management security, she subsequently focused on the office environment. There was implementation of strict company policies such as:

  • Clean desk policy.
  • Locking up of all non-public information (NPI) while not in use.
  • Restrictions on information printed.
  • Shredding of all documents containing NPI.

Along with many more company policies as the need for tougher security increases.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Cloud based production system reduces risk of NPI loss from site based server or computers
  • Online data and document storage provides data security and disaster recovery protection
  • All data stored externally on private servers in high security data centers located in the US
  • Data centers features hand scanners and security checkpoints
  • We transfer all data using 256 bit High Grade Encryption and secured via 2048 bit certificate
  • Client data (closing documents) securely stored and accessed by clients through a secure login
  • Capability to work in nearly a paperless environment eliminating NPI files from office
  • Secure document delivery portal for lenders, agents, etc
  • Secured email system to safely send documents with password protection
  • Securely file sensitive 1099s electronically
  • We limit Access by IP address or hours
  • Software tracks each user’s activity in the system
  • “strong” passwords and password expiration
  • Two factor authentication

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