The REALTOR said that “some things in life are worth waiting for…

That may be true, but can we also agree that there are some things in life that we HATE waiting for?

We’ve all been there…filled with anticipation and hardly able to contain our excitement as we wait for the package to arrive, for them to return our call, for the tickets to go on sale.

Buying a home is one of the biggest moments in life. We often imagine our “dream home” and spend large amounts of time (sometimes years) preparing to make one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives.


Great question! There are many factors to consider when discussing the amount of time it takes to go from: “I love that house” to “I have the keys!”

Many would argue that the first time-affecting component in purchasing a home is working with the right real estate professional. It is so important to partner with a Realtor that you’re able to trust. Find a Realtor who will work with you and, more importantly, work hard for you with a sense of urgency that honors you as their client. Find a Realtor that you feel comfortable asking questions to. In many and most cases, the Realtor is going to have a very firm understanding of the timeline and you want a Realtor who communicates appropriately so that you feel informed every step of the way!

Of all the questions that you ask your Realtor…be sure to ask them which Title Insurance Company that they plan to utilize to close the deal. So much of the process is in the hands of the Title Insurance Company. Do they have experience? Do they have a professional process? Do they have a history of working hard for their clients? Do they have experience dealing with unexpected circumstances? Do they have a list of references who can confidently recommend them? In the case of Scarab Title…”YES” to all of those questions!

We have worked hard diligently, for many years, to ensure that our clients have the smoothest and most pleasant experience possible when purchasing a home. Buying a home should be a happy experience for you and your family and we gladly bear the burden of obstacles, pain points, and confusing irritants that stand in the way of you and the keys to the front door!

So, on average, closing on a home can take anywhere from one week to sixty days (according to Zillow). For the most pleasant experience while you wait (no matter how long you wait) choose Scarab Title!

Give us a call, visit us in person or visit us online at scarabtitle.com to find out more about what we do, how we do it, and why we are the best partner for you!