Chase House Loaning now declares it can close on a customer's home mortgage in just 3 weeks and it's putting its loan where its mouth is to support that claim. Chase revealed just recently that it is presenting a program called "Closing Warranty" for its existing clients. Through the program, the bank assures to close a home loan in 21 days, and if the bank does not close on the loan in the timeframe, it will pay the debtor $1,000. "We're here to assist our consumers get into their brand-new houses as quick as possible," stated Sean Grzebin, head of home mortgage originations for Chase House Loaning."All the consumer has to do is send any monetary paperwork that Chase does not currently have plus a purchase arrangement," Chase stated. And while Chase can just assure that its home loan will close 2 weeks slower than loanDepot, it's still two times as quickly as the market average. " >"/> Chase ensures it will close a home loan in 21 days or it'll offer you $1,000 | Scarab Title & Escrow Services, LLC.